RRB Group D Analysis 11th October

RRB Group D Analysis 11th October

We are here with RRB Group D Analysis 11th October. In our blog we have incorporated exam pattern, difficulty level and few questions asked. Candidate can refer this and check their overall performance.

RRB Group D Analysis 11th October

It is an online exam and takes place in three shifts. It starts from 9am to 10.30am, 12.30 pm to 2pm and 4 pm to 5.30 pm.

This analysis is purely based on the feedback received from the candidates who have appeared in this exam. A huge number of candidates appear in the exam and try their fate. This is one of the most coveted job profiles. This is a very reputed profession to opt.

RRB Group D Exam Pattern 

Subjects No. of Questions Duration
Maths 100 1 hour and 30 Minutes
General Reasoning
General Science
Current Affairs

RRB Group D Exam Difficulty Level

Topics Total Questions 1st Shift 2nd Shift
Mathematics 25 Moderate Moderate
Reasoning and Intelligence 30 Easy to Moderate Moderate
General Science 25 Easy to Moderate Easy to Moderate
Current Affairs 20 Moderate Easy to Moderate
Overall 100 Moderate Moderate

We are presenting few questions asked in today’s exam. These questions are purely based on the feedback which our experts have got from the candidates appeared for this exam.

RRB Group D Analysis 11th October -Mathematics

  • The HCF and LCM of two given numbers are 15 and 300. If one number is 60 ,then find the other number ?
  • If a Car covers 10 meter in 1 second, find the speed in KM/H – Answer is 36
  • The LCM of 14,20 and 18 ? –  Answer is 1260
  • Calculate and write 38% of 700 ? – Answer is 266
  • if the Ratio of Milk and water 2:1 in a mixture of 75 Liter. How much quantity of water should be added so that ratio of milk in water be 1:2 ? – Answer is 75
  • A amount becomes Rs.2100 in 2 years and 2250 in 5 years on simple interest then find the principal and Interest rate ?Answer is Principal =Rs 2,000 , Rate  – 5%

RRB Group D Analysis 11th October- General Science

  • Write the SI Unit of Magnetic Flex –Answer is Weber
  • What is the SI unit of work – Answer is Joule
  • The Full Form of RNA is  –Answer is Ribonucleic acid
  • What is the Molecular mass of CA(OH)2
  • Write the Atomic Number of Tungsten – Answer is 74
  • Mass number of Chlorine is – 453 u ± 0.002 u
  • Name the Biggest Organ of Human Body – Answer is Skin
  • What are the Fuse wires made up of ?
  • Write the Full form of CNG – Answer is Compressed Natural Gas
  • Identify the non-metal : Sc, Ti, Na, N
  • Write the Chemical formula of Benzene – Answer is C6H6

RRB Group D Analysis 11th October-Current Affairs

  • Who is the Governor of Andhra Pradesh – ESL Narsimhan
  • Capital of North Korea is  – Pyongyang
  • Name the CEO of Canara Bank – Rakesh Sharma
  • Who is the CEO of Axis Bank – Amitabh Chaudhary
  • Name the CEO of Xoimi – Lei Jun
  • Name the author of’ ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ – Karan Johar
  • To whom was the 52nd Gyanpeeth Award given? – Sankha Ghosh
  • Who is the Vice – Chairman of Niti Aayog? – Rajiva Kumar
  • Mahavir was tirtahnkar no.? – 24
  • Who won the International Cricketer of the Year Award? – Virat kohli
  • In which year did the Division of Bengal Occur?  – 1905
  • Yuzvendra Chahal is related to which Sports? –  Cricket
  • Where is GIFT city located ? – Gujarat
  • In which year will the 17th  Lok Sabha election take place? – 2019
  • Who is the current Lok Sabha Speaker? – Sumitra Mahajan
  • Who Directed the movie Sanju – Raj Kumar Hirani
  • Name the director of Devdas movie released in 1928 ? – Naresh Mitra
  • Shifting cultivation is also known as? – Swidden Agriculture
  • Name the place designed on the 50 rs Note? – Hampi

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