RRB Group D 28th September Exam Analysis

RRB Group D 28th September Exam Analysis

Our experts have made the analysis of RRB Group D 28th September Exam in this blog. It is a detailed analysis of pattern of exam, its difficulty level and also got few questions appeared in the exam.

RRB Group D 28th September Exam Analysis

As we are mentioning in all our blogs related to RRB Group D exams that it is a three level online exam. In this,multiple choice questions are asked. By referring this blog our aspirants would get a clear idea about all the nitty gritties.

RRB Group Exam Pattern

  • The exam duration is 1.5 hours, in which total 100 questions will be given.
  • Syllabus includes Reasoning, Mathematics, General Science, General Knowledge of current affairs.

RRB Group D Exam Difficulty Level

After analyzing the feedback from students, our experts could gaze the difficulty level for Reasoning exam as easy, Mathematics Exam as Moderate, General Science Exam as Easy to Moderate and General Knowledge as Moderate. The Overview shows the exam was comparatively moderate to hard. Many questions were repeated by which we can observe that more emphasis Should be given on important dates, state CMs and Governors, Filmfare, Oscar, national award winners etc.

We are providing few questions that appeared in the exam.

RRB Group D 28th Sept – General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • 4,9,16,25,36,?
  • Draw the Venn Diagram – POT, Glass, Bat
  • Number series : 11, 20, 27, 36, 43, ?
  • Complete the series: 22C, 42F, 63I,?
  • Few questions on Mirror Image
  • If RAM is written as IZN, what will SITA be written as?
  • 60, 51, 42, 34

RRB Group D Exam -Mathematics

  • The CI for 2 years is Rs. 40.80 and SI is Rs. 40. Find the rate percent.
  • Sum of all internal angles is 1260 degree. Find the number of sides in the polygon.
  • If the SP of a TV is Rs. 7260. If the loss percentage is 34%. What should be the selling price to make a profit of 5%.
  • If MP of an article is Rs. 4600 and SP is rs. 2990. then find the discount percent.

RRB Group D Exam-General Science

  • Name the lowest layer of atmosphere?
  • Write the pH value of Human saliva?
  • What are the functions and structure of nervous system?
  • What is the ph value of Butter?
  • Describe electronegativity?
  • Write no of periods and groups in periodic table.
  • What is function of relaxin hormone in human body?
  • How is AIDS Caused?
  • Name the organ that purifies the blood?
  • Functional and structural unit of Kidney is ?
  • Which has the least atomic radii? Li, B, C, N
  • Name the element in periodic table which behaves as both metal and nonmetal?
  • Who introduced the term Cell-organelles?
  • Name the element used in bulb filament?
  • The chemical formula of Potassium is ?
  • What is the pH value of tears from human eyes?
  • Write the chemical name of vitamin?
  • Find the nonmetal amongst Ga, Ge, Cl and Sc.
  • In which layer of atmosphere do the telecommunication satellite rotate?
  • Which group does Lanthanium belong to?
  • In which layer of atmosphere does the aeroplane fly?
  • What is the maximum number of electrons that can be present in the outer most shell of an atom?
  • Write normal atmospheric pressure?
  • Which is the best conductor of heat?
  • Dengue Virus is spread by ?
  • Which instrument is used to measure the speed of wind?
  • What is pearl made up of?
  • Which colour is dispersed maximum in the rainbow?
  • Name the tissue that perform the work of protecting the human body?
  • Which acid is present in the batteries?
  • What is the life of one R.B.C?
  • If there is no atmosphere, what will the sky look like from the earth?
  • Which component creates the green colour in leaves?
  • What is bronze made up of?

RRB Group D Exam General Awareness & Current Affairs

  • Where is the Temple of Kendriya Mahadev Statue situated?
  • How is the the categorization of Private sector employees done?
  • Who won the Japani Hukuwoka Award in 2017 for contribution to South Asian traditional fusion music?
  • The writer of ‘Anandamath”?
  • Who presented the first Rail budget of India after Independence?
  • Name the bank which started the first initiative of Aadhar card based ATM in India?
  • Indian Constitution is influenced by which country?

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