RRB Group D 27th September Exam Analysis

RRB Group D 27th September Exam Analysis

We are presenting the RRB Group D 27th September Exam Analysis in this blog. Our experts have made a detailed analysis of exam pattern, difficulty level and few questions asked in the exam.

RRB Group D 27th September Exam Analysis

It’s a three tier online exam comprises of multiple choices questions. Our blog of RRB Group D 27th September Exam Analysis will provide good help to aspirants.

RRB Group Exam Pattern

  • The duration of exam is 90 mins.
  • Total 100 questions were asked.
  • Questions will be based on General Science, General Knowledge of current affairs, Mathematics and Reasoning.

RRB Group D Exam Difficulty Level- Consolidated

Name of Sections Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3
General Science Moderate Easy – Moderate Easy – Moderate
General Intelligence & Reasoning Easy – Moderate Easy Easy – Moderate
General Awareness & Current Affairs Easy – Moderate Easy Moderate
Mathematics Easy – Moderate Easy – Moderate Moderate
Overall Easy – Moderate Easy – Moderate Moderate

We are providing few questions that had appeared in the exam on 27th Sept.

RRB Group D Exam-General Science

  • What is the pregnancy hormone called?
  • The first gas in the fourth period?
  • Bronze is the mixture of what?
  • Periodic table
  • 1st Metalloid
  • Which one is Alkyl in between Mg, Mn, Na, Bu which one is Alkyl?
  • Numerical on Force and Power – 4 Questions
  • What is the PH of Pure Water ?
  • Which have the highest resistivity?
  • Which liquid is present in the Cell?
  • Write the definition of Amphibian?
  • What is the Valency of 16th Group ?
  • Bronze is an alloy of?
  • Which liquid is present in the human eye?
  • The liver is made up of?
  • What is the Valency of Halogen
  • Inert gas in the 4th period is ?
  • What is the Size of atom?
  • Electro-negativity related question
  • What is the scientific name of Apple?
  • The scientific name of Elephant is ?
  • The scientific name of vitamin B12 is ?
  • The chemical name of CaO is ?
  • H2So4 is also called as?
  • Potential energy and Kinetic energy-related question was also there.

RRB Group D Exam-Reasoning

  • Mirror image of 15:30 will be?
  • Mirror image of RAT will be ?
  • Question on Blood Relations.
  • 3 questions on Syllogism.
  • calendar based question.
  • Describe Venn Diagram ?
  • Question on Numeric Series
  • Coding Decoding question
  • Question on Figure Counting
  • If SHE is TIF, then MIN=?
  • FC:18 :: KG:?

RRB Group D Exam -Current Affairs

  • National Bird of Australia is called ?
  • West Bengal’s border touches which all countries?
  • India’s name is taken from which river?
  • Who is the Brand Ambassador of Maharastra?
  • Who won the IIFA Award of personality in Year 2017?
  • Brand Ambassador of Swatch Bharat is ?
  • Who is the home minister of India ?
  • Who is the Charity minister of India?
  • Player Maradona belongs to which country?
  • Full form of NITI in Niti ayog is ?
  • Sundarban is located in which state?
  • Birthday of Dhyan Chand falls in which month?
  • Playing On My Way is written by whom ?
  • What I DO I DO is written by whom ?
  • Who created Khelo India Program?
  • Monetary Policy is made by?
  • Which is the Oscar-winning movie of the year 2018?
  • Director of Kala Movie is ?
  • Which day is called Science day ?
  • The writer of Mann Ki Baat is ?
  • Which country has doubled the no. of Tigers recently ?
  • Who won the Rajiv Gandhi Award in 2018 ?
  • Who is the CM of Tripura?
  • Who is called the Iron Lady of India ?
  • CM of Telangana is ?
  • Brand Ambassador of GST is ?
  • Who won the Oscar for best actor in the year 2018?
  • When is World Malaria day ?
  • 1st Chairman of the planning commission is ?
  • Which Bengali actor won Murti Devi Award in 2017 ?
  • Panji is situated near which river ?
  • Who is the coach of Indian Cricket Team in the year 2017?
  • Who is the CEO of Amazon?
  • When is the Birthday of Indian Prime Ministe Mr. Narendra Modi?
  • Who won Asia Woman Hockey in 2017 ?
  • Who is called the Birdman of India ?

RRB Group D Exam-Mathematics

  • Algebra – 2Qs
  • BODMAS – 4 Qs
  • The difference between 40% discount on mark price and 10% and 20% successive discount on mark price is 132 rs. Then calculate the Mark Price ?
  • 104/[68-{29-(45-56/7*4)}]
  • A wheel has covered 99km, the diameter of the wheel is 63 cm, then how many revolutions it will make to cover the distance
  • 38% of X = 133, then X = ?
  • 9000rs with an interest rate of 5 % for 6 years. calculate the interest
  • LCM of two number is 1206 and HCF is 84. If one of the numbers is 56, then calculate the other one
  • Rational no related question
  • Geometry – 3 Qs
  • Square root of 8836
  • 75-(96-18/6-58)/5+4*17
  • 004-4.0
  • P,Q,R are three persons, if 1/3 of 64800rs is distributed in between them with a ratio 8:9:7. then how much money Q will get
  • 4 questions of Trigonometry
  • 4 questions on Profit & Loss
  • 3 questions on Percentage
  • 1 Question on Age
  •  2 questions on Time & Work
  • SI, CI related questions.

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